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Farm Gm application Empty Farm Gm application

Post  night on Sat May 05, 2012 11:23 pm

Name: Rong Liang

Gender: Male

In game name: Farm

Location: Singapore

Time Zone: GMT:8

Age: 14

Languages: English

How many hours you can play a day: Monday 2Hours Tues~friday 3~4Hours Sat ~sunday 9~10Hours

How long have you been a member of the server: 2 or 3 days

Why you want to be a GM: I wish Help the Server And help the new players if they need help and Host event to allow player to enjoy

Hobbies: sleeping and player computer

Why should we pick you over all the others: I think i am good enough to be a Gm

Experience (show Proof) pictures / links: I have been gm in v83 Servers www(dot)mediafire(dot)com/?ndh19xh92427not (XshadowStarX) is me

What events can you host: H/S JQ T/F

What would you do if someone was hacking in front of you: I would go into hide mode and i will stalk the player For A while And when he hacks again i will SS down And Ban Him

How should all players be treated: I believe All Players Should be treated the Same.

How could we improve are server: Replace Rm 18~22 with boss spawner

If some one had custom Wz edits what would u do: I would ask owner if he can use the custom wz, And if he cannot use but he continue to use it i will give he a Warning first And If After The Warning He still continue Using It , I Will Ban him

Final words: I hope That I will be chosen To be A gm And even i am not chosen i will still continue playing this server

Skype: -

MSN: dxpowerrongliang@Hotmail(dot)com

EMAIL: dxpowerrongliang@Hotmail(dot)com


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Farm Gm application Empty Re: Farm Gm application

Post  SickNastyy on Sun May 13, 2012 7:03 pm

Sorry mate, but you application has been denied. You will be able to make a new application for the next round.
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