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The Applications can be found in the forums labeled for that specific job. Here is where you can find the status of our recruiting (Are we accepting or not, team leaders and et cetera).

Here they are:

Recruiting Status: CLOSED
Duties: Code NPCs, commands, and other stuff needed to run our server.
Languages accepted: Java, PHP, .WZ
Incentive: In-game Developer (Level 4) GM status.
Lead Coder: GMJava (Forum name), Fraud (IGN)

GFX Team:
Recruiting Status: OPEN
Incentive: In-game Developer (Level 4) GM status.
Duties: Create original artwork for use as icons, banners, and NPCs in game and various websites.
Lead GFX: GMJava (Forum name), Fraud (IGN)

Game Master (GM):
Recruiting Status: CLOSED
Duties: Post to other forums about out server and get people to join, moderate the Xat on out main website, moderate the forum chat, moderate in game, host events.
Incentive: None, you're just a level 4 GM.
Lead Game Master: SickNastyy (Forum name), Cole<3 (IGN)


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