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Post  Orange on Sun May 20, 2012 12:57 pm

Real first name:

Don't like revealing my actual location, but I'm close to Toronto, Ontario Canada.



First Language:
English, know a bit of Chinese (Asian Pride!) but I don't usually speak it, type it.

Amount of time as a player at Addictive Story:
I've recently joined(a day or so) but that doesn't mean I can apply for coder right? Even though I've joined for a short period of time, I've been able to learn very fast, (fast learner but no photographic memory :c) about the server and the features of it.

Where you found this server: Scrolling through GTOP100 maplestory section, I've decided to stop just playing a server, (don't want to advertise it) and start coding it. I've learn many things like how to host one, coding the java with it, I know a bit about wampserver, and html not too much, but I've done a few lessons, computer hardware engineering, internet connection, many more that you can read about down there ↓!

Is this your first time as a member as a private server's staff?:
No, It is not my first time as private server staff I chose this private server, because first it seemed like it could need a coder to help it even though it already has 2. (Go Ash! Go GMJava[I don't know your name GMJava]) Anyways I've hosted a server before and I might just start again if I don't find a job for me to host. I've hosted a server, joined my friend's server after he denied my request like a 20 times. (God, 20 Coder applications. =.=[Well aprox]) I've joined another private server as GM, however when I was about to get promoted the server gets shut down by Nexon. ;-; I've already gotten your source (HeliosMS) and you got a bit from GreekMS I'm guessing. I can help with the java problems most likely.

Coding Language of Choice:
Well, I've learned a bit of everything (not everything. Well a lot of things at least) I've never actually tried to create a program or anything of my original, because I haven't found something that has a GUI that I can work with or a graphic guy/girl who could help me. I prefer Java, (Pretty sure server files has java.) a bit of html not much but a little, I could always go back to the lessons and learn more but I prefer not to. So what have we on our list right now. Java and html (a bit). Hmm, wz editing is pretty fun, and enjoyable I know a bit, and C++ wouldn't be much help, (I got this 500 page "LEARN C++" book I've been itching to read) I guess that's about it. Oh yes, NPC scripting is an eh, for me don't know too much, but I can read it. I can also help reduce the amount of server lag a bit, because I know how to stop making the server go into the database and refreshing it everytime. I learn a lot from ragezone and mapletalk, which helped me so much (Thanks!) to get this far. Explaining errors, explaining how private server works and hackforums for Computer hardware. <-- I know all of that, how to get computer less laggy, more better, auto private server restart if it crashes.

Something of my own:
I personally like going to servers and coding for them. No offense but you guys still have the regular source's name? Seriously that's just a remove ____MS and place addictivestory build compile and replace jar. I have the same source right now as you, without the npcs script. I've located where the server is hosted, (Looked in the client) and even got to know most of the GM's here at AddictiveStory. Becoming a coder, to help you guys with the server would be awesome, I know a tad bit about packet sending and receiving (Those dam hackers) so I can help a bit about that. I can fix those long @ss errors (sorry for swearing but those errors annoy me enough to learn about them) that are in your world,channel and login bats. I can do a bit of editing in the client of maplestory. (Getting UFJ, NX Droppable, Port editing if your ports aren't available) Well I guess that's all I have to say about something of my own. Also I can help with the gachapon ticket drops with every monster, I've found a forum link for that before.

Three examples of your coding experience: Like I said before I think, I didn't code any program thats like coded by me. I do have some fixes for your private servers and I'll post some here :

[Coder] Application IGN: Orange Change1

[Coder] Application IGN: Orange RECtN

[Coder] Application IGN: Orange X5ZfA

Above ↑ are a few things you can fix.
Like I said before I edit things like minecraft mods, I can create some, (no use I know.)

Hope you guys/girls (didn't see any so far ._.) take my application into consideration.
There's a reason why I didn't use colour, It hurts my eyes and your eyes too. Razz

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[Coder] Application IGN: Orange Empty Re: [Coder] Application IGN: Orange

Post  Афера on Sun May 20, 2012 5:57 pm

Welcome to the most amazing coder team in the world. Your first job is to add !seducemap to the server files. Thanks for applying!

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