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Post  bum1991 on Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:44 pm

Name- Alex

Gender- Male

In game name- Alex

Location- NYC

Time Zone- Eastern Time zone


Languages- English and some spanish

How many hours i can play- well i can play about 6hours a day and if that day i don't go out i can play more then 6 hours.

How long have i been a member in the server- I think that i was in this server when no players were on only GMs. So maybe like about 1month.?

Why do i want to be a gm- Well i want to be a gm to help out this server. Make this server more enjoyable for the newcomers that join this server and whoever needs help in the server will get help asap from me Smile. I will host events that will make people enjoy this server a lot and stay.

Hobbies- Play Maplestory, League of Legends, Basketball, Handball, Baseball, and Bowling.

Why you guys should pick me over the others?- Well i think that i would be good in helping the server with the people. I'm on a ps about 6hours a day and i vote everyday too. If a GM isn't on i will mostly be on because I barely got anything else to do LOL. I'm friendly with other people and i think i can make friends with everyone Smile. I am fair and i listen to all the things the admin or another GM tells me to do. I will follow all of the rules as a GM and i don't choose sides when it's a argument against players.

Experience- Well sorry i don't have any snapshots, but I think i would be a good GM in this server. Smile

What events i can host?- Well I've been thought a lot of private servers and i know a lot of games for the events.
Games- Hide and Seek, RR, JQ, Last Man Standing, Terrorist, Rhyme, True of False, and NTI.

What would i do if someone was hacking in front of me?- Well if someone was hacking in front me i would go into hide mode and take snapshots of them hacking. After i got ss of them i would warp him to jail and tell him that he has been caught hacking. If he lies to me i will auto ban him unless the admin is online to tell him.

How should all players be treated?- All players should be treated equally in any situation that is serious. If we joke around talking then that's fun, but otherwise it's all serious. I am not going to take any sides when there's a argument.

How could you improve the server?- Well i got tons of ideas to improve the server from the past private servers that i've played. I will tell the admin all the things that would make people enjoy this server more. (if my ideas aren't done already Razz)

If i saw someone who have custom wz edits- I would take snapshots just in case he said he doesn't and if he says he doesn't i would show it to him. Then i would tell him to copy it over with a clean file and if he doesn't i will have the tell the admin or jail him if it's in the rules.

Final words- I hope you guys will choose me as a GM to help this server become better and make people enjoy this server more Smile.

Skype- Falencrystalmoon

MSN- well i dont have one, but i got a aim same as my skype



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Post  Orange on Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:46 pm

Post in round 2? Uhhhh lemme fink.

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