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Post  Fr on Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:43 pm

Just a precursory to what I am about to present to you guys and gals, I just want to note that English is a secondary language to me and what you may read below may be mixed and tangled based on diction and syntax - though I hope it is legible and visually apparent that you comprehend what I am saying. Thanks.

Frans V. (I would like to keep my surname private).


In game name:


Time Zone:
(UTC +01:00) Paris

Fourteen (14)

Primarily French and German - currently learning English

How many hours you can play a day:
Since it is the summer, I would say a quarter of the day which would amount to: 5 to 6 hours a day (give or take). In addition I would average about 3 to 4 hours a day yet I can still be within the confines of the community, though not always the physical game itself.

How long have you been a member of the server:
Underwhelmingly a good 3 to 4 days so far, though I see myself staying for quite a while.

Why you want to be a GM:

My points of reasoning would be the following:
-As I entered this community at the start of this week I was welcomed with an exuberant crowd of individuals despite the server having a small community. I see being a GM as an opportunity to cultivate and contribute to this growing community and enable prosperity and progress. I believe I can lend a helping hand in any way I can whether being a game moderator or not - which is a trivial matter for this aspect of growth.
-I have never been in a role of this much responsibility on a game before (besides forum moderator, though that's just comparing apple and oranges). Giving that I have "shot my own foot" I still see this as an opportunity for myself to understand the responsibilities, hardships, and challenges that a game moderator must face and overcome. I want this position to strengthen my sense of judgment and responsibility not only in this community but in reality as well - knowledge cannot be underestimated at all planes.
-A final statement of why I want to be a GM would be my sheer interest and motivation to obtain this position by any means possible.

I have taken up quite an active lifestyle ever since I turned the age of 12.
I participate and compete mainly in football (with your feet lol), cycling, swimming, and track.
I may start bodybuilding when I am 16 and pave the way there by doing calisthenics but I am still young.
I definitely enjoy reading, playing video games like a normal boy lol, hanging out with my buddies, and cooking with my mom and sisters (Psst, I have an affinity for cooking Very Happy).

If there is anything more you want to know about me than be kind to post below and I may add more

Why should we pick you over all the others:
This question presents an opportunity to be pompous and blatantly arrogant, though I will be humble as that is my virtue and belief.
I see myself "possibly" being picked over other applicants solely on what I believe I can offer that they "may not" or cannot.
1) I am a diligent individual and I have the heart and soul to give my best effort and strive to the utter most excellence that is expected of me.
2) I am very literal and poignant about the general construction of language (yet my English here may be horrible), though I try what I can.
3) I have all the cliche attributes in a positive individual and constantly seeking to become and exceed my potential, meaning I have an optimistic outlook no matter the situation or consequence.

Experience (show Proof) pictures / links:
As stated before I have never been a game moderator - yet I am not discourage nor should you since I am a quick learner, always on my feet, and can adapt significantly.

What events can you host:
A list of events that I am familiar with and I believe I can execute would be:
-Hide n' seek
-Last Man Standing
-Jump Quests
-Trivia or True and False
-Musical Chairs
-Russian Roulette or GM in a box
-Red light, Green light
-Many more, I can come up with ones or incorporate events from contributors since it is a creative process

What would you do if someone was hacking in front of you:
As a player I would take a screenshot of the accused individual, post it on the forums (Hopefully a section for hackers and ban appeals will be established soon), caption the reasoning and identity of the individual. From there the game moderators will have their go at it. Of course I can contact a game moderator while in game if they are available, but just taking an precautionary measure is good.
As a game moderator, I would go in hide seemingly and just take a screenshot or video of the hacker/exploiter and ban them on the spot. From there I will proceed to the forums and post like I would as a player, but state that I have banned the individual and waiting for an "appeal" from that person to explain why he or she was doing something illegal, and something they know they shouldn't be doing. The thing is I would need to be informed whether it is a statutory ban or the ultimate condition of an IP ban.

How should all players be treated:
I find this to be a trivial inquiry, since it is like asking, "how should you treat another human being?" - yet it is important not to escape the answer that this question seeks. The answer is "equality", the basic foundation and principle that civilized communities must be based on and applies to this community as well. Excuse my exaggeration of this denotation, but I strongly favor and welcome equality among individuals, despite whether I like you or dislike you - nothing should be shrewd or left out when it comes to equality.

How could we improve are server:
I hope to say that commands do indeed need to be implemented to give the individual that joins efficiency and accessibility to the basics of the server. Certain item and characters files could be added on or custom files could be tweaked with, though I have no expertise in coding or coding related terms lol. Yet, I believe the coders of this server are doing the best they can and we just have to wait and comply.
Additionally, more enforcement of rules and regulations onto the players if they are doing something against this establishment such as using third-party programs or "hacks and macros".
A strong presence is the absence of a large community which everyone in this community can garner their sole contribution, get their friends or people to join and just vote like crazy - to spread the word that this server is here and we want to be a part of peoples' lives. It is to be noted that this is a fairly "new" server and many things can be improved and it can be done.

If some one had custom Wz edits what would u do:
I have came across certain individual in my "lifetime" to see them having wz. edits that concerns the location of the Free Market, where surely people know when they see these individuals hopping and skipping in the air of the market.
I would have a strong worded conversation or confrontation of the individual say something like:

"Hey, would you mind changing to a clean wz. file since I do not want other game moderators or players to get the wrong idea that you are hacking or exploiting something."
"We have a clean setup of v83 on our site if you can't find a clean file or you can go on your search engine and find a clean v83 file to accommodate the edited ones."

Of course I want the person to understand that we have our own files and wishing that they comply peacefully, yet if they do not than a ban, jail, or any consequence will be waiting them - though letting them know what the policy is, is a must.

Final words:
I just want to say that I hope everything was up to par with your expectations.
I will say and do know that I am a really young kid and you probably think I'm just some punk or immature child but from what you have read and learn from meeting me, is that I am different from others and I am mature. I am a capable individual, again I state "mature" (in my opinion) when it comes to interacting with people and being honest with myself, also I hope you will pick me as a game moderator for this lovely community.

Yet, best wishes to every other applicant and good luck on your ventures and please be civilized if either I or you do not get picked. We should be respectful to whoever becomes our senior and help them regardless of our attitude towards them. Thanks and have a great summer everyone Very Happy.

I do not have a skype, yet I may get one in the seeable future.

No MSN either, though I can get on in the seeable future.

You may definitely contact me at: ahvanburen @

(Definitely remove the spacing from the email, for some reason there is an error when I post my email together so I will just resort to this method for this application, or you can find my profile and contact me there.)

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Post  aaronduh on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:22 pm

i like this app cause it shows great contribution,honesty, and time
: i also like the vocab :S
- Google/Aaron.Envoy

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