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My Final App For Google/Aaron Empty My Final App For Google/Aaron

Post  aaronduh on Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:47 am

[b]Name: Hello My Name is Aaron

[b]Gender: Male

[b]In game name :Supanigga Very Happy

[b]Location: California, Diamond Bar, 91765

[b]Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone

[b]Age: 13, but l had lots of Gm experiences Very Happy

[b]Languages: Chinese and English

[b]How many hours you can play a day: School Time: 2-3 Summer: 4-5 hours

[b]How long have you been a member of the server: 2 week; l’ve obtained 3400 rbs

[b]Why you want to be a GM: It gives me the chance to interact with new players and teaches me to be polite with players. I also want to become a gm because l want to strive in my best game in the world Very Happy

[b]Hobbies: Basketball and Running and some swimming ...

[b]Why should we pick you over all the others: l guarantee l have more experience then all the other people that are applying in this role.

[b]Experience (show Proof): This is a picture of Lovestory Ms, its not that good but it’s a decent pic of me talking with a friend. (Sent it to Jeremy)

[b]What events can you host: l can host jump quests, True or False, Fashion, and Last Man Standing, Musical Chairs, Bosses

[b]What would you do if someone was hacking in front of you: Either tell him to stop hacking or report it to the server or take an screen shot as proof.

[b]How should all players be treated: With the same loyalty and respect as they would treat you.

[b]How could we improve are server: No lag spikes, Less D/c’s, Code all the npcs, More bosses, Make the horntail map.

[b]If some one had custom Wz edits what would u do: Either tell them to delete them, if they disobey I would simply ban them.

[b]Final words: If you guys choose me l’ll try my hardest to support this server although I cannot donate I can advertise the server in many ways possible, even if I don’t get picked, l can still play the server. I’ll be on as much as possible

[b]Skype: math luver

[b]MSN: icolortheworld@msn(DOT)com

[b]EMAIL: aaronlovesoj(DOT)
P.s.: Dont call me its gay....

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