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Pokemon's Gm Application  Empty Pokemon's Gm Application

Post  Chaytna on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:52 pm



In game name:Pokemon


Time Zone:North American Eastern


Languages:English, Fluent French, Hindi

How many hours you can play a day:Summer:10 Hours School Days: 6

How long have you been a member of the server: Just started today, I have experience from other servers that are quite alike

Why you want to be a GM:I would like to be a GM for many reasons, One being that you are quite a help to the game and you may help new players. Another reason would be that you have a duty to do, & fulfill.

Hobbies: Reading Dragon Ball Z FanFictions, Watching My Little Pony: FIM, Reading, Looking at Science experiments on YouTube.

Why should we pick you over all the others:I believe that I should be picked over others because I'm very friendly, I'm also quite talkative which would be great for new players, If I hosted an event, I would make it to everyone's desire. I also believe that you should pick me because I have played in many private servers, I could also help increase the population of the server because I have many friends whom play Private Servers.

Experience (show Proof) pictures / links: I've never really experienced the life of a "Gm" but I have played many other servers such as; Sexyms, Arikums, Affinityms, Mapleswitch, etc.

What events can you host: Because I have played many other servers, I have a lot of ideas for events, Such as T or F where there is two sides of the room, one is true, one is false, The gm asks a question and the players pick a side. Also there is an event where a gm stands in the middle and there is two teams, the two teams are facing the wall, The gm asks a question such as " You are wearing blue", whoever is wearing the colour blue may come to the middle and Loot the item.

What would you do if someone was hacking in front of you:If someone were to hack in front of me, before asking anything I would write the players name down, afterwards I would ask why they are hacking, after they answer, or in case they leave, I would immediately ban.

How should all players be treated: I believe that every single player should be treated the same, regardless their skin tone,sexual orientation, style, and interests.

How could we improve are server:We could improve our server by having members donate for legendary items, also we could ask our members if they could tell their friends about Addictive Story

If some one had custom Wz edits what would u do: If someone had Wz edits, I would automatically ban the person , that is not necessary, everyone should follow the rules of the server!

Final words: I would love to be picked, It would be quite an honor seeing that I have been on so many servers.I would also like to stay here for a long time because the server is very simple, which is great for people who are starting out their first private server.


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Pokemon's Gm Application  Empty Re: Pokemon's Gm Application

Post  Orange on Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:34 pm

Please DO NOT post in round 2, only in round 1. thanks!

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Pokemon's Gm Application  Empty Re: Pokemon's Gm Application

Post  Афера on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:28 pm

Topic moved.

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Pokemon's Gm Application  Empty Re: Pokemon's Gm Application

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